Spouse Visa Appeal

Getting It Right First Time

Has your Spouse Visa been refused? Then its time for a Spouse Visa Appeal

If your application for a spouse visa in the UK has been rejected then do not give up hope, all has not been lost. As long as you have been given the right of appeal you have 14 to 28 days to make a spouse visa appeal to Home Office representatives. Our immigration solicitors will help you to boost your chances of a successful appeal. In some cases, we will review your case to see if a fresh application would give you a better chance of success, all options will be considered carefully, giving you the final say. As you are aware, the process of entering the UK is getting even tougher due to ever-changing immigration laws and the tightening restrictions by the UK government on eligibility criteria. By involving an Immigration Solicitor who is versed in spouse visa appeals, in as early as possible, you give yourself the best chance of success by surrounding your application or appeal with a knowledgeable and an experienced professional who has your best interests in mind.

How To Appeal A Spouse Visa Refusal

The process of how to appeal a spouse visa appeal will begin with firstly lodging an application to the Home Office in the UK. What this then means is your appeal will be heard at the First-Tier Tribunal in the UK. The timeline can take up to 12 months so there is a need for patience in the proceedings, as the UK Immigration courts, especially the First-Tier Tribunal courts are very busy, due to an increase in visa refusals. In certain circumstances we may be able to overturn a wrongful refusal within a month, so the quicker you start the process, the quicker the outcome. The First-Tier tribunal is likely to consider the circumstances more diligently than the original official who studied the application. With an immigration solicitor in your corner, you are sure to have given yourself the best chance possible of spouse visa appeal success.

How We Will Help

Our specialist Immigration Solicitors will help you with all stages of the appeal. They will take a detailed account of the basis of the original case and present you with options on how to proceed with overcoming the points of your original refusal. The years of experience that make up the knowledge base of our business means that specialist solicitors who are well versed in spouse visa appeal cases will be able to provide options for those even in the most desperate cases. We have access to Queens Counsel QC and Barristers, so a winning team is on hand to help you along the appeal process. So, talk to us today about starting your spouse visa appeal case, don’t delay, give us the most amount of time possible to work on your case and ensure that you get the best service possible and best chance to be successful at appeal.

What’s the Next Step

The best thing to do is to give us a call. So, we can then review your refusal for free. What will be important is that you have access to your spouse visa refusal letter because that alone, will help us work out what merit you have got for a spouse visa appeal. We will pre-vet your case free of charge within 2 hours whenever possible. Call us and get a No-Obligation free Assessment on the phone. The call is free or alternatively fill in our Upload Vault Box Section, all we need is your contact details and for you to upload your refusal letter as an attachment, press send and then leave the rest to us. As you well know time is of the essence. So, contact us as soon as possible. Our client liaison teams are waiting plus if you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

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